Monday, December 6, 2010

What is "SpeakingDate"?

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SpeakingDate is a small utility which lets you record your thoughts, dates, notes or appointments to an audio file and combine this with a calendar or local notification appointment.

You simply tell it all to your phone and select date and time for the notification. You may either create an appointment in your device's calendar or use the local notification engine of your iOS 4 device.

If required you may refine your calendar schedule with all the comfort and granularity known from the calendar app.

Once the event time is reached either your calendar or the local notification system will alarm you and you will be redirected to the app again in order to listen to what you have recorded earlier.

The app lets you manage and monitor the recorded appointments in a table overview and is also synchronizing itself with your calendar or the local notification system.

SpeakingDate requires iOS 4.0 or later and a microphone fitted device.

Known problems: Due to an (unconfirmed but obivious) bug in the iPad’s calendar app, which does not allow to place a URI link in the notes for an appointment, it is currently not possible to use the calendar for the notifications. You will simply not find the way back to your recorded problems. IPad users have to use the local notification option until this bug has been fixed.

The following shows a couple of screenshots. Explanations are given in the following sections.

Screenshot_EN_WEBSITE_1 The main screen. The big calendar may be used to select the date/time of notification. Tap on year, month, week, day or time to select and change.The view also contains the record, play and schedule button (red, green, big).  The recording may be limited in time (see Settings) in order to prevent memory overflows on accidental recordings.

Once you have recorded your message, you may replay it by tapping the play button or schedule the appointment.
Calendar Refine  
Screenshot_EN_WEBSITE_2 If you intend to place the appointment into your device’s calendar and also opted for “refine” (see Settings), this view allows you to change almost anything, or even to delete the appointment. You may add notes, your own title, a location, other alarms, other times, repetitions et cetera.

This view does not appear, if you have opted for local notification (non calendar based appointment)
Event List  
Screenshot_EN_WEBSITE_3 The table view presents you a list with pending and already elapsed events. You may listen to the recording behind or delete events here. This view is synchronized with your calendar or the local notification system.
Screenshot_EN_WEBSITE_4 The settings view allows you to control the behavior of SpeakingDate in various ways.

General Settings  
Use Calendar Use Calendar or Local Notification System (Note: For restriction to the iPad see above)
Refine Schedule Applies for Calendar usage only. Allows you to refine the appointment. See above.
Auto Adjust Date Adjusts the currently shown date and time according to the granularity chosen in the next line.
Time Resolution The granularity of the date/time adjustments in minutes.
Audio Settings  
Recording Limit Limits your recordings (measured in seconds). This is a security feature. 0 = no limit
Output To Speaker Turns on the speaker automatically while playing back. Otherwise the recording is replayed using the earphone instead. This is a privacy feature.
Play Immediately Start the playback immediately if opened after a notification. Otherwise a green arrow points to the playback button.

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